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Don't Bleed On The Carpet E-Pattern from Radical Cross Stitch

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Image of Don't Bleed On The Carpet E-Pattern from Radical Cross Stitch

This e-pattern is an antique (c. 1860’s) inspired floral border surrounding the text ‘Don’t Bleed on the Carpet’. I’ve subtitled it ‘if you’re going to die, do it quietly’. It’s meant as an ironic tribute to all those revolting home sweet homes out there. But it’s also my little tribute to all the amazing women in the world running households. It’s such hard work and as you know, thanklessly unpaid. But it goes on no matter what. Because it’s such important work. We all need somewhere where we can stop and be safe.

I think this piece is mostly dedicated to women living in war, who despite all obstacles still strive for a clean, tidy, safe space for their loved ones to rest before facing another day. The women who sew together rags for their wee ones ’cause they know how important it is for a two year old to have a cuddly friend. The women who dress in black and march for peace amid gun fire and tear gas. All the while carrying giant handbags with keys and snacks and hankies for small runny noses.

And of course this piece is for all the mothers of small children who love to enjoy the outdoors at the expense of the skin on their knees!

So to all the mothers of revolutionaries out there, I thank you. “Cause we all know they couldn’t do it without you.

As seen in the Huffington Post http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/04/14/the-most-epic-cross-stitc_n_534482.html#s79978"

This pattern is perfect for the experienced cross stitcher who has all their own supplies. This is a medium level cross stitch. All basic stitching instructions are involved but if you have never cross stitched before I suggest you look at one of my other patterns.

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