Hoopla Radical Craft Zine - Issue #3

Image of Hoopla Radical Craft Zine - Issue #3

Issue #3 December 2008: Radical Inspiration


Creative action inspiration
Cross stitch
Menstrual pad pattern
Cross stitch pattern

Hoopla – the world’s most revolutionary craft zine.

Hoopla began as a zine made for the Craft and Storytelling workshop at the 2007 TiNA Festival in Newcastle. And has now turned into a biannual publication, showcasing the world of radical craft and creative action. Each issue features theory and action, inspiration and ideas.

A review! (by someone who hasn’t read it…)
“This is like an anarcho feminist revolution zine about crafts and
being radical and such like. I’m losing energy at this point but
without reading it, it looks pretty good. It makes cross stiching
cool.” – Sticky Institute.